Cortland Music, Inc.

Cortland Music, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was registered in the State of New York on April 22, 2009 and is now recognized as 501(c)(3) tax exempt by the IRS.

Cortland Music, Inc. will promote the performance and appreciation of music for the benefit of the general public with an emphasis on classical, international and other styles that are under-represented in the community. It will design and implement a balanced music program that provides opportunities for performers at many skill levels, from students through experienced professionals.*

Articles of Incorporation             Bylaws

Board of Directors

    Marion Giambattista (Chair)
    Gina Sikora (Vice-Chair)
    John Sikora (Secretary, Treasurer)
    Dave Richman(Director)
    Jack Carr (Director)
    Barbara Jo Williams (Director)
*Excerpt from Articles of Incorporation

Board Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

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Date (2011) Description Time/Location Topics
Date (2010) Description Time/Location Topics
June 30 Board Meeting7:00pm Wednesday/TC3 DrydenMusic for Arts and Wine Festival,Renaissance Concert, Cayuga Vocal Ensemble
May 17 Board Meeting7:00pm Wednesday/TC3 DrydenMusic for Arts and Wine Festival, sound system.
Date (2009) Description Time/Location Topics
December 9 Board Meeting7:30pm Wednesday/Center for the Arts, HomerBudget, other grant sources, recordings
September 23 Board Meeting7:00pm Wednesday/Center for the Arts, HomerProgram for 2010, Grants, Cuban Concert
July 6 Board Meeting7:30pm Monday/Center for the Arts, HomerNew Board members: Carr, Williams; Financial Indemnity, Conflict of Interest, 2010 Program, DEC Grants
June 22 Board Meeting7:30pm Monday/TC3 Dryden Adjunct OfficesSchedules at Arts@Grace & C4Arts, CMI 2010 program, Conflict of Interest
May 26 Initial Meeting7:30pm Monday/TC3 Dryden Adjunct OfficesBylaws, Elections, Budget, Conflict of Interest, 501(c)(3) Application to IRS