Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting of Directors

7:30pm Wednesday December 9, 2009
Center for the Arts
Homer, NY

Board meeting of Cortland Music, Inc.
Meeting December 9, 2009 at the Center for the Arts
The meeting began at -

Before the meeting...
Proposed Agenda Items:

1) Program for 2010 and how to work within (or around) our budget.

2) Other grant sources:
   Wilkins Foundation, D'Addario and  J.M. McDonald Foundations.
   In the long term:    NEA?

3) Other fund raising possibilities:
   Sale of recordings - Choral Union concert, comments by Dr. Stephen Wilson.


Actual Agenda

Called to order at 7:32 by Marian Giambattista, Board President
Members in attendance: John Sikora, Gina Sikora, Dave Richmond, Barbara Jo Williams.
Minutes taken by Barbara Jo Williams

M: calls for agenda.
J:  Funding has been less than hoped for, but the decentralization award that has been promised is $1300.  
This money may come through as soon as sometime in Dec. or as late as Feb. 2010 or beyond.  
State budget is in disarray.  In addition, we have about $2000. on account at the present time.

M: should we curtail our spending until that money actually appears?
J:  No, this money will come in, but I propose that we cancel the Renaissance and public music events, 
continue the three festivals and the guitar events.

M: What do these events cost?
J: Blue Frog Events….. $800.
   St Anthony…….                   $ 50.
   Summer in the Park…           $500.

   I propose that we ask for all donated services for the Blue Frog festivals, and that we make a 
more direct appeal to our audiences for contributions.

M: Re students, I can recruit talent with the Homer music teachers, and SUNY students.

D: The Guitar events will run about $50 per
B: Can we move at least one to Cortland from Dryden, which is in Tompkins County?

D: Yes.
J: First event at Blue Frog should be on Feb 7
M:  I would like to vote on our plans so far.
B: Move to
            Have event at Blue Frog with all donated talent on Feb 7 ‘10
            Invite  1) SUNY Students Becca Rozzoni and A. and T. Fuchs  (M)
                        2) Andy Culpepper Flamenco guitarist (G)
                        3) Colleen Kattau – folk singer (J)
                        4) Sam Forcucci – musician and historian (B)
            Event to run approx 3 hours from 1PM to 4PM
G: Second
M: all in favor
All present vote “aye”
M: any opposed
(no responses)
M: the motion passes.

J: May I have approval to seek alternate funding sources?

B:  I move that John Sikora proceed to seek other funding sources from public and private organizations.
G: Second
M: All in favor
(All “aye” – none opposed)
M: The motion passes.

J: Move to adjourn.
M: The meeting is adjourned at 8:30pm

Minutes by Barbara Jo Williams


The next meeting will be held on ???