Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting of Directors

7:30pm Monday June 22, 2009
Tompkins Cortland Community College
Adjunct Offices, Room 122
Dryden, NY

Board meeting of Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting June 22, 2009 at TC3 in Dryden (Adjunct Offices)

The meeting began at 7:38pm

	Board - Marion Giambattista, John Sikora, Dave Richman
	Excused - Gina Sikora
	Guests - Jack Carr, David Neal, Barbara Jo Williams

Before the meeting...
Proposed Agenda Items:

The agenda will include the following although the order is TBA:

1. David Neal and Jack Carr will give us an overview of the mission and 
tentative programs for Arts at Grace and Center for the Arts .This should 
help us avoid scheduling on top of other programs and also redundant programming.
John Sikora will suggest other possible scheduling snafoos to avoid.

2. Proposed programs for 2010 and estimated budget outlay for these programs.

   -Classical Music Festival Series (4 festivals)
   $800 fees + $70 posters, etc. for each = $3480

   -Brass Concert ( Homer, Crown City and St. Mary's Brass)
      $1000 in fees + ~70 posters, etc.

   -Renaissance with Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart       
      $300 in fees + ~$70 posters, etc.

   - Guitar Performance, primarily students at Ithaca College.
      $70 posters, etc.

   Total $4990

3. John Sikora will get us up to speed on the Decentralization Grant proposal.

4. John will update us on our conflict of interest policy.

5. John will update us on other money matters.


Actual Agenda
   1.David Neal (Arts at Grace) and Jack Carr (Center for the Arts in Homer) gave 
	an overview of the mission and upcoming scheduling for their respective programs.
	(We would like to avoid conflicts)

Tentative Schedule for Arts at Grace (3pm Sundays)
	- November 1, 2009 		- Chamber Music Concert (piano trio)
	- December 6, 2009 		- Christmas Concert (Antiphonal Brass)
	- February 7th or 21st, 2010 	- Young Artist Concert (High School)
	- April 2, 2010 		- St. Matthew Passion (Good Friday 1st part, dinner, 2nd part)
	- May 30, 2010  		- Jazz Concert

Schedule for the Center for the Arts, Homer.
	- September 26, 2009 	(8pm) 	- John McCutcheon
	- October 17, 2009 	(8pm) 	- Sim Redmond Band
	- October 22, 2009 	(8pm)	- Cafferty Band
	- November 1, 2009 	(8pm)	- Arlo Guthrie
	- November 21, 2009 	(8pm)	- Four Bitchin' Babes: Diva Nation
	- November 28, 2009 	(8pm)	- Ten Man Push
	- December 5, 2009 	(8pm)	- Teada: Irish Holiday Concert
	- December 19, 2009 	(8pm)	- A Christmas Carol: The Radio Play

We need to acquire the schedule of SUNY Cortland.

   2. John explained his plan for the current series of events (August 1-November 15, 2009, 
	which exhausts the 2008-2009 grant) and outlined his plan for the 2009-2010 season.
	(See the proposed agenda above)  

   2a. Marion Giambattista asked for an audio sample of Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart. 

   2b. Dave Richman and John Sikora suggested that the guitar event be expanded to 
	more than one per year and that the students might be paid according to the same
	guidelines used for the Classical Music Festival Series.

   3. Marion made the motion, seconded by David, to invite Barbara Jo and Jack to become board members.  
	Carried - Marion Giambattista, John Sikora and Dave Richman voting in favor.

   4. Barbara Jo asked about financial indemnity for board members.  
	This topic will be discussed at the next meeting.

   5. Contact information was exchanged (details removed from this web version).

   6. John Sikora handed out a draft conflict of interest policy, acknowledging that it was incomplete.
	This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Monday July 6, 2009 at 7:30pm at the Center for the Arts, Homer, NY.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.