Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting of Directors

7:00 Wednesday September 23, 2009
Center for the Arts
Homer, NY

Board meeting of Cortland Music, Inc.
Meeting September 23, 2009 at the Center for the Arts
The meeting began at 7:30pm
    Marion Giambattista - Chair
    John P. Sikora      - Secretary/Treasurer
    Dave Richman
    Jack Carr
    Barbara Jo Williams

    Gina Sikora (ill)	
Before the meeting...
Proposed Agenda Items:

1. Updates on the proposed program for 2010.
2. Updates on grant proposals	


Actual Agenda

Discussion of a possible concert by Publick Musick proposed by Marion
   -Marion and Jack to arrange date/time with 
    Publick Musick and the Center for the Arts

Music series proposed by John and Dave

	Classical Music Festival Series (4 festivals)  = $3480
		$800 musicians fees + $70 posters, etc. for each festival
	Renaissance with Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart = $470
		$300 musicians fees + $70 posters, etc. + $100 performance space

	Frogworks (Renaissance Ensemble of 5 players) = $920
		$750 musicians fees + $70 posters, etc. + $100 performance space

	Guitar Performance Events ( 4 events per year, Dave Richman) = $1080
		$200 musicians fees + $70 posters, etc. for each event

		Total for all of the above  $5950

   - Vote on adopting the schedule of music presented by
    John and the Publick Musick concert as our 2010 
    schedule. Unanimous

   - John will work on grant applications for Decentralization and 
    The Community Foundation for the above projects. A draft will be
    circulated by email for revisions/approval before mailing out.
    (Due first week in October).

   - John gave the board a proposal by Gina asking for Cortland Music, Inc.
     to act as a conduit for a Decentralization grant for a Cuban Music project (details below). 

     John stated that he had an obvious conflict of interest, since his wife Gina was 
     making the proposal. Gina would benefit because she would be a participant in the 

     Gina was not present at the board meeting.
     John left the room while the rest of the board discussed the topic.

     Concerns were raised by Jack.
     No decision was made at the meeting.

     The day after the meeting, John withdrew the proposal at the request of the Chair.
     (This is a long story, the details of which do not appear in these minutes -JPS)

The next meeting will be held on ???

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm

- John P. Sikora, Secretary

							Gina Sikora
							3090 Clute Rd.
							Cortland, NY 13045

Board of Directors
Cortland Music, Inc.
3090 Clute Rd.
Cortland, NY 13045
							September 23, 2009
Members of the Board:

I need to obtain a non-profit sponsor to act as a conduit for a NYSCA Decentralization Grant. Would you be willing to act as my sponsor?

The responsibilities of the sponsor and the sponsored individual are described in the following excerpt from the the Decentralization Grant application.

The Conduit is usually a legal non-profit under one of several Not for profit law. The Conduit agrees to use their not for Profit status to sponsor an individual artist or an unincorporated organization to pass the Decentralization grant funding through for the sole purpose to assist in the presenting of a cultural event.

The conduit may retain no more than 10% of the grant to cover administrative expenses which may be incurred.

The conduit agrees to sign a contract with the sponsored individual /organization and the Cultural Resources County of Syracuse and Onondaga County which will state " In event of a conduit situation, The conduit agrees that once funding is received from the Cultural Resources Council they will, within in four weeks, write a check to the sponsored individual/organization for the entire amount minus a 10% administrative fee.

The Conduit will not be responsible for the completion of the project nor will they hold any responsibility for the funding once they have written the check to the sponsored individual or organization.

Additional questions should be addressed to Mark J. Wright, Grants and Program Director, Cultural Resources Council, 411 Montgomery St. Civic Center, Syracuse, NY 13202. 315-435-2158 orĀ  607-745-5810-cell. or via email at

The program that I wish to present is described on the following page.

									Thank you,

									Gina Sikora

An Evening of Classical Cuba
January 16, 2010
Center for the Arts in Homer

This program will present classical and traditional music of pre-fidelian Cuba, spanning approximately 70 years of music and dance before 1959. This will include opera, operetta, zarzuela, danzones and songs of pre-revolutionary Cuba. The music has been reconstructed and compiled throughout the past 50 years by folklorists, historians, ethnomusicologists and musicians who have emigrated from Cuba.

Artists will be invited from the New York City area and Central New York to participate in this project. I have made arrangements for the performance to take place at the Center for the Arts in Homer. In addition, there will be a pre-performance lecture for education purposes with a focus on high school students.

I will apply for a Decentralization Grant to obtain help in covering the following costs.

  $1,000 NYC Artists
     500 Dance Troupe (Syracuse)
     350 Accompanist
     100 Piano Tuner
     300 Transportation
     750 Publicity
     145 Programs, Tickets
     480 Technical Fees
  $3,625  total