Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting of Directors

7:00pm Wednesday June 30, 2010
Tompkins Cortland Community College
Fireplace Lounge
Dryden, NY


Music for the Arts and Wine Festival.

- Selection of Musicians
- Renaissance Concert 


CMI Board meeting of June 30, 2010
TC3 Fireplace Lounge
Members in attendance: John Sikora, Gina Sikora, Jack Carr
                           Marion Giambattista, Chair.
Call to order at 7:10 PM by Marion.
Agenda Item #1:  Selection process for performers for Summer Festival (Aug. 7, 2010)

   Before going to the list of musicians and audio samples, there was a long discussion of recent events
in Cortland. The newspapers have accounts of, on the SAME DAY as the festival a Ronnie Dio "Stand Up and Shout" 
benefit concert with Main St. closed off, open alcohol container restrictions waived and rock bands playing on the
corner of Court and Main Streets (one block from the festival). 

John reported a conversation with Ann Finamore (of the Cultural Council), who had spoken with the Mayor about this 
conflict and with later Jim French, the organizer of the benefit concert. As of the time of the meeting, it was not
clear when the rock concert was going to start. At one point the Mayor said there would be no amplified music, then
it was a 3pm start for the rock concert and finally noon.

Alcohol restrictions were not clear.

Jack reported that Ronnie Dio's widow did not want his name used for the event.

Given that the situation was so unclear, and that the organizers of the rock concert seemed insensitive to the 
conflict with classical and jazz music nearby.

Marion made a motion that to avoid a possible very bad experience for the musicians, Cortland Music would NOT 
schedule music for the Arts and Wine Festival.

The motion passed with one abstention.

Agenda Item #2: Renaissance Concert John reported that Frogwork (who had been part of our original grant proposal) had found other funding and could perform a concert of Renaissance music on Sunday Sept. 12. Their preferred venue was the Presbyterian Church on Church Street. John said that the fee for use of the sanctuary was $100 and that posters would be between $50 and %70 (depending on quantity). John made a motion that funds be allocated for this concert. The motion passed unanimously. Addendum: Marion reported that the Cayuga Vocal Ensemble was interested in performing a concert in Cortland on Friday November 5th. The fee would be about $300. John & Gina agreed to check with Armand Discenna of St. Mary's Church about availability, promotion and funding (possibly shared) for this event. Meeting Ended 8:10pm As recorded by John Sikora