Cortland Music, Inc.

Meeting of Directors

7:00pm Monday May 17, 2010
Tompkins Cortland Community College
Fireplace Lounge
Dryden, NY


Music for the Arts and Wine Festival.

- How to select performers (process).
- Budget.
- Sound system


CMI Board meeting of May 17, 2010
TC3 Fireplace Lounge
Members in attendance: Dave Richmond, John Sikora, Gina Sikora, Barbara Jo Williams
                           Marion Giambattista, Chair.
Call to order at 7:10 PM by Marion.
Agenda Item #1:  Selection process for performers for Summer Festival (Aug. 7, 2010)

   John recommends using same procedure as in the past, which includes guidelines for categorizing applicants
according to their professional or non-professional status.  Guidelines will also set fee structure, a rubric for
evaluating type of music and size of group, and request for demo CDs.
   Following discussion, John offered a motion which encompassed the above plus allowed John to
send out call for performers and receive applications on the CMI web site.
Seconded by Gina, called for vote by Marion, and passed unanimously.

Agenda Item #2

   How should the sound tech be handled at the Summer Festival?
John proposes to function as sound tech himself as he was not satisfied with the technician
who was engaged for the task last year.  John has the necessary equipment  and will be more comfortable
doing the work himself, with or without help from us or others.
   Dave thinks the work done last year was good, that we do not have adequate equipment, and
that we should engage the same technician as last year.
   John states his preference as a motion, seconded by Gina, called to vote by Marion:
      In favor: John, Gina, Barbara
      Opposed: Dave
Motion passed.

New business:  John will send out call for performers by early June, deadline of June 20, Next CMI
meeting Wed. June 30 to choose performers.

Motion to adjourn at 8:10.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Jo Williams