The Crooners

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Chris Merkley: guitar

  In their five year existence, The Crooners have brought their interpretation of roots rock to no less than 11 countries and 14 states. Combining American traditions of blues, swing, folk and country in a performance that is pure rock 'n' roll, the group has hotfooted around the globe gaining the respect of it's cult-like fans one at a time on street corners, in cafes, and concert halls.

Longtime friends since 1998 where they met at Cornell University, Nyles Fitzgerald (washtub bass), Kevin Denton (guitar) , and Chris Merkley (guitar & harmonica) evolved into The Crooners after coming across Danny Fitzgerald, Nyles's great-uncle, the undisputed European "granddaddy of the buskers" and longtime band leader of The Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band, arguably one of the most successful street acts in history.

The Crooners started out on the streets of Paris, but soon brought their high-powered arrangements of blues and swing classics indoors back in the states. They released their first, self-titled album in 2003 followed by a live album in 2004 both accompanied by relentless European tours.

2006 saw the release of The Crooners first all-original album, "So Many Places." Recorded at the band's loft in Brooklyn and mastered at Electric Wilburland Studios in Newfield, NY, the album showcases the band's songwriting and production talents. The album also echoes the band's of diverse musical interests from Robert Johnson and Fats Waller to Neil Young and The Beatles.

"So Many Places" has brought The Crooners acclaim from the press and radio play across the United States. The band continues to tour and record, playing to larger crowds in larger venues, but never abandoning the street corners where they started out.