Dave Lippman

Often being known as the "Satirical Songster," Dave Lippman has been widely known for his razor-sharp political issues betwixt his folk-type music. His 35-year music career began to prosper when he was named a co-conspirator for singing about the "Guatemala Sweepstakes" at a rally in 1969.

His dealings continued throughout his career. In the eighties, he performed his songs at war zones in Central America. He even sang for squatters and anti-nuclear activists. Back in the United States, he connected with a convoy of Salvadoran refugees throughout Texas.

As for his music, Lippman has ten releases to his name. The most recent record being the collaboration with George Shrub, better known as "The World’s Only Known Singing CIA Agent," called Shrub and Lippman Live in Manhattan Kansas. Perhaps his most popular record to date is titled I Hate Wal-Mart. Known mostly for his witty and influential lyrics, Lippman has even created, and still maintains, a weblog called "Travelblogue." On this site (http://www.davelippman.com/touring.html) one can laugh at his brilliant rhetoric, as he smoothly defends his ideas. His music is still popular today.

He has also been called "A political Weird Al Yankovich," by Tuscon Weekly.

Some other quotes, which all can be found on his website: (http://www.davelippman.com)

"With his astute observations about the American political system and his sly, often underplayed humor, Lippman is a national treasure." -- L.A. Herald-Examiner

"A one-man satirical barn-burner...astute musical mockeries...hilarious." -- Now Magazine, Toronto

"Politically loaded...deadpan and deadon." -- L.A. Weekly