Steve Morgan

Member of Steve Morgan Band


With an incredible range, both vocally and stylistically, Steve Morgan has been compared to the likes of Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and Stevie Wonder. Such comparisons may help capture the essence of Steve's influences, but they only serve as a rough idea of his capabilities.

Having grown up playing music in the Cortland area, Steve has become a fixture on the local scene. In 2004, Steve recorded a solo album entitled 'Juxtaposition' and, in 2006, collaborated with Chris Merkley to release an acoustic album called 'Ordinary Days'.

He currently leads the Steve Morgan Band, a high energy Roots Rock group whose Blues and Funk drenched sounds continue to pack area venues. The group features the talents of Brandon Regard on bass, Howard Lieberman on drums, and Chris Merkley on lead guitar, harmonica, and vocals. Material from Jimi Hendrix, the Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, or the Grateful Dead is not off limits, and the band has been known to feature area saxophone players Steve Daniels and Jamie Yaman, adding even more diversity to an already dynamic sound.