Groups [About the Musicians Listing]
(Individual musicians are listed further down on the page.)      
Group Instruments Style Comments
Cortland Area Flute Ensemble FlutesClassicalEnsemble of high school, college, and community flute enthusiasts.
Crown City Brass Brass EnsembleClassical, Band Renaissance to contemporary
The Frogwork Consort Violas da GambaClassical, Renaissance ---
Highland Winds Clarinet Quartet Clarinet QuartetClassical, Popular ---
CHS Madrigal Singers Choral EnsembleClassical, Renaissance Students at Cortland High School under the direction of Mr. Benjamin Wells
Opera Cowpokes Vocal EnsembleClassical, Country Mix of Classical Opera and Country Music
Quartetto Appassionata String QuartetClassicalEastman graduates who love bringing the joy of music to others.
Trillium Classical TrioClassicalFlute, Violin and Piano
Trio Flute, Oboe, BassoonClassical---
Upstate Classics String QuartetClassical---
      Individual musicians are listed below.
Musician Instrument Style Comments
Tekla Babyak PianoClassicalGraduate student in Musicology at Cornell University
Mark Baxendell TrumpetClassical, BandMember of the Crown City Brass
Dominick Fantacone TenorClassical -
Lisa Craig Fenwick Harp, FluteClassical, Celtic -
Karrie Frey OboeClassicalMember of the Trio
Tom Goodman PianoClassical ---
Marina Gorelaya PianoClassicalAccompanist, Soloist, Teacher and Member of Trillium
Dana Huyge ViolaClassicalMember of Quartetto Appassionata
Cindy Josbena Piano, ComposerClassicalTeacher, soloist and composer
Terry Martens French hornClassicalMember of the Crown City Brass
Maria Mucaria Flute/piccolo, etc.ClassicalSoloist, Teacher and Member of Trillium
Mecke Nagel FluteClassicalMember of the Trio
Eric Pearson Classical GuitarClassical -
Lois Pfister ViolinClassicalSoloist, Teacher, Member of Trillium
Mike Poole tromboneClassical, Jazz, BandMember of the Crown City Brass
Dave Richman Classical GuitarClassical, Bluegrass -
Phillip Rumsey TromboneClassicalMember of the Crown City Brass
Donald Stone Sade Classical GuitarClassical -
Laurel Sciortino FluteClassical -
Joel Shatzky PianoClassicalRecently retired professor of English at SUNY Cortland
Brian Shelley TrumpetClassical, BandMember of the Crown City Brass
Emmanuel Sikora Piano, ComposerClassicalOriginal Compositions/Variations
Gina Sikora SopranoClassical, InternationalSpanish language folk and art songs
John Sikora Classical GuitarClassical -
Bill Tei PianoClassical -
Stasia Weinstein BassoonClassicalMember of the Trio
Ben Wells TenorClassical -
Cheri White French hornClassicalMember of the Crown City Brass
Skye Wilson SopranoClassical, TheaterMusical Theater
Stephen B. Wilson PianoClassical, International, Theater -
Chris Woodard GuitarClassical, Celtic, Original Compositions -